Online Sessions

Online Sessions with Artists

Dear Teachers,

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, we are offering you an opportunity to invite guest artists to work with your students within your virtual classroom. We are sad not to be able to work with you in person, but recognize the importance of the arts in moments like these. Please reach out to me at to request more information, and to learn about fees. I will be happy to tailor how we do this to the needs of your virtual classroom.

We look forward to collaborating with you again face-to-face as soon as safety allows.

Yours in creative solutions for educators,

The following are the options available:


Creating Characters – Instructor: Paula Wing

Grades: 6-12
Using improvisation, devising, creation games and writing, these
sessions will take students through the process of creating vivid, fun,
memorable characters.



Story Circles – A devised creation process. – Instructor: Sheena D. Robertson

Grades: 6-12
Using a creative process utilized in the Regent Park Project (a collaborative project that led to the creation of a web series), students will explore stories from their own lives. Super fun, highly engaging, and very creative, this process is anchored in active listening, creative story-telling, and the writing that comes from it.



Mastering Monologue – Instructor: Edward Daranyi

Grades: 7-12
Working with a Master Director and Acting Coach students work through the step-by-step process of developing the performance of a monologue. Elements include: deconstructing the text, creating simple blocking, and ongoing practice with expert feedback. Edward creates a supportive, fun and creative environment, that encourages growth and thoughtfulness.



Visual Art

Drawing from Nature – Instructor: Leslie Ashton

Grades: All – Instruction adapted for level of students
During our sessions, students will learn the basics of drawing: contour, sketching, shading, and shadow, using nature as an inspiration.

Each session will have fun exercises that help to build the student’s confidence, as it improves their drawing and observation skills. Materials should be available at home.



Collaging The Day – Instructor: Leslie Ashton

Grades: 2 and Up – Instruction adapted for level of students
Students will start with a scavenger hunt for materials from around the house to use in their art piece. They will then walk through a process, using collage to express what they are experiencing in the moment, and to tell the story of their day. Collage is a medium that it easy to experiment and play with. There is no need to commit right away to a composition. With the support of the artist and teacher, students can take risks and build expressive, visually interesting work.



Self Portraits – Instructor: Nancy Ciccone

Grades: 5 and Up – Instruction adapted for level of students
Using materials found around the house, Nancy will walk students through the experience of creating a whimsical self portrait – one that expresses who they are on the inside as much as what they physically look like on the outside. This is the perfect moment for a project like this! High success, minimal stress.




Dancing Poems – Instructor: Amanda Davis

Grades: 4-12
Students will explore a variety of ‘ways of moving’ laid out in the Ontario Curriculum, and will then use their movement phrases to interpret poetry, and create a simple choreography.