Intercultural Dialogue in Action! We use creativity to bridge communities – building connection, understanding and empowerment.

At Kick Start Arts, we are known for our expertise in creativity. We are much sought after as facilitators for all those interested in the power of the arts. We produce new work, and offer workshops and multi-disciplinary arts training at the professional level.. We also do workshops and projects in schools – often focused on social change. Our goal is to create opportunities for diverse people and perspectives to intersect – creating meaningful connections, and shared creative experiences.

  • Photography by Sheena D. Robertson

“We’ve developed such a safe and respectful community of young people where we get to share our experiences. I feel like I’ve had a chance to develop a strong sense of self and belonging in a city that I’m a part of, because I’m in a space where I can share my story, and hear others as well – and we can grown and learn together.”
–  Amanda Peleggi