Our Vision

Our Production Stream

Our production company grew out of the work we have done nurturing the next generation of diverse emerging artists. Our creative team is made up of a dynamic group, who have been working together for years, and who are used to creating in innovative, and decolonized ways – creating stories that are not often told. We are currently developing and producing artist-driven, professional projects in film, digital television, theatre, and photography that amplify the voices and stories of artists from across diverse experiences. 

We are interested in sparking conversations about what it is to be a citizen in our diverse world, and in producing fresh stories that contribute to that conversation.

Project Examples

  • Regent Park – The Play
    Company members are currently collaborating with dramaturge Paula Wing (sponsored by Soulpepper Theatre) to develop a theatrical reimagination of our web series.
  • Growing Up Regent
    A Feature Film exploring the female-coming-of-age stories of Kalima and Saffiya – two Bengali-Muslim sisters figuring out who they are, and what they want – against the backdrop of the life in Toronto’s oldest public housing community.

Sheena D. Robertson
Artistic Director


Mandeq Hassan
Lead Writer and Creative Producer