Circles of Joy

A Joy Initiative!

Kick Start Arts and The Department of Illumination are engaging with artists and community members in the joy of art making.

Story Circles

As we finish up the last phase of our story circles, we want to reflect, and thank everyone for their time and heartfelt stories. We’ve run five different circles and collaborated with a diverse group of lovely participants who’ve shared their stories of joy openly, and with much warmth. Although stuck behind a computer screen, we’ve managed to connect with folks across Ontario, and have compiled an Archive of Joy! We hope you explore them, and that they bring as much joy and laughter to you as they did to us as we created them.

An Artistic Response

We are now entering the phase where 18 artists, spanning many disciplines, will each select a story from the archive, and create an artistic response to that story. Our artists include dancers, visual artists, musicians, installation artists, and more… They will each consult with the original story circle participants as part of their artmaking process. When these are complete, all of the art work and stories will be added to the archive, and will be showcased at our in person Festival of Joy, taking place in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario in the spring.

Our In Person Festival

More detail on how to register to come and participate in our in-person Festival of Joy – coming soon!

We hope to see you there!

Yours in sharing joy, creating art, and fostering connection!
~ The Joy Festival Team

This project created with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.