Regent Park Dance!

Free Training

Regent Park Dance offers youth, ages 10-15, from Regent Park and beyond, free training in dance and choreography.

Explore various dance styles, learn to create your own choreography! Fun! Connection! DANCE!

No previous experience necessary.

September – April Dance Sessions

Free Classes in Regent Park Schools!

“If you’re thinking about joining I recommend it – it’s a very positive space. I was honestly overwhelmed at first, but in the end it was very enjoyable! You should join.”
– Praveena
“My favourite thing about the program is you get to make your own choreography, and you get to explore different dance styles. If you’re thinking about joining the program – go for it! It will be fun.”
– Joelle
“My favourite part of this class was working on the choreography, especially the hip hop. It was really fun!”
– Kashyap

Funding for our 2023-24 Season has been generously provided by: