Release Form

I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge that I understand that the free Story Circles I am participating in are part of a larger project. This larger project will see some (not all) of the stories generated in the workshops recorded, and housed in an Archive of Joy on Kick Start Arts’ website – in either written, or oral form. I also understand and acknowledge that my story may be used as the creative spark for artistic work by the artists involved in the next stages of the project, and that all this culminates in an in-person Festival of Joy in Picton, Ontario in the spring of 2022.

I agree that Kick Start Arts and the Department of Illumination have permission to use and reproduce any writing, media, video footage, audio recording, or photographs created during the process of participating in this project, and shared on social media – for use on television, in festivals, and shows, in workshops, or in print, on the internet, or any other format, in any manner suitable to promote and air this project, or others created in the future. 

I grant Kick Start Arts the right to use this material in the work and  in any related derivative and ancillary works published by Kick Start Arts or its licensees, for worldwide distribution in all formats and platforms in any and all media now known or hereafter developed.
In all editions, for the life of those editions without restriction, in all languages advertisements and promotional materials for the work. 

I agree that I will not assert or maintain claims, licensees, any action, suit or demand of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to those grounded upon privacy, and rights of publicity, for any reason in connection with the authorized use of my physical likeness, and voice in picture and film as herein provided. I also understand that I will not be paid for my story. Kick Start Arts will exclusively own the copyright in all such works upon their creation. I, the undersigned hereby irrevocably and unconditionally assigns to Kick Start Arts all right, title, and interest worldwide in and to the Work Product and all Intellectual Property Rights thereto. Kick Start Arts and the Department of Illumination will fully acknowledged participants wherever appropriate.