Tajvin Kazi

A strong and resilient woman who aims for the moon because the sky isn’t her limit!


Response by Andrew McLuhan

October 30, 2014

Whispers build, nagging
emptiness to be filled, urging:
not that we aren’t whole
but are as yet incomplete

I know the truth, it’s crystal-clear:
one of us is not yet here.

Mother, father, full of love
my brothers, and our God above
please let us try, because I fear
one of us is not yet here.

It’s not that brothers are not great
but brothers can’t relate to what
us girls go through.
there are dreams that sisters share
things sisters do that brothers won’t
which sisters love that brothers don’t.

I learned that she was coming 
and I almost died,
my heart bursting on that happy day
knowing she was growing, now, inside
my sister was really on her way

Dad called with just two words: “she’s here.”
a Princess born, daughter to us all
I wouldn’t say we weren’t whole before
but now we are together
we are more than we were — 
joyful, strong, kind, sure

We were six, and now are seven
with our sister, our daughter, our gift of heaven.