Sheena D. Robertson

A peaceful warrior… engaged in magic-making, and inspired by the moon.


Response by Annelise Noronha

Artist Statement

The beauty of Debussy’s “Clair De Lune” echoing down the halls of the University of Toronto as a music student rehearsed in an empty recital hall under the moon and stars, was pure joy to Sheena D. Robertson. And the moment I heard Sheena tell this story, I felt it too.

This song holds a special place in my heart also. It’s haunting melody has magic inside of it. Throughout my life, this song has brought me many gifts. Prosperity, kindness, and connection. When Sheena and I shared our stories, our connection to each other through this piece of music was undeniable.

My response as a composer was to capture Sheena’s experience, mixing some of the musical themes of the piece, with my interpretation of the moon and stars beaming through the recital hall windows, and the sense of the deeply personal experience Sheena and I both share with this song.

I’ve titled it “Entre Les Étoiles” (Between The Stars). The space between the stars is a theme my fellow artist Pat Larkin has explored in his writing and graciously given me permission to reinterpret through my lens. And there, behind the moonlight (clair de lune), was all that space.

The beautiful and haunting piano phrases were played by Cortney Keywan.