Sarah Moran

Transplants well. At least 10 up-rootings, including from the Forest of Dean, to Manhattan, to Prince Edward County.


Response by Andrea Piller

Artist Statement

Comes a sound in the garden
Listen, attend…..
You wonder and ponder.
So close to the earth, this physical process of working the soil. Leading your mind into a liminal state.
Open, feeling, and sensual.
At this place, at this time, feeling the earth molecules, in your hands.
Time is nothing.
Just being.
The past and future are one.
You feel them, everything and every time. And it goes through you
Sweet and joyous
You are alive.

I invite you to sit in the chair, use the listening cone and imagine.

Andrea is selling her artwork. Please reach out to her directly:
IG: @andrea.piller