Krista Dalby

Dreamer of audacious dreams and an art lover who believes in the power of togetherness.


Response by Chrissy Poitras

Artist Statement

Inside Space: a story about a cardboard sculpture and an astronaut

Have you ever heard of the bright spots of Ceres? These glowing points of light, shining out of the darkness, captured the interest of stargazers around the world when images of them were transmitted from the Dawn spacecraft in 2015.

I loved these luminescent pinpricks, dotted here and there on the rough and rugged terrain of the dwarf planet. It was like they were asking me to come closer, to investigate, to find out what secrets lay within.

The ice blades that spring from Pluto’s surface, the equator-spanning Valles Marineris canyons of Mars; these interstellar phenomena conjured massive jagged forms and shapes in my mind. From these points of inspiration came Inside Space – a collection of papercut scenes, illuminated with a fluorescent glow, trapped inside a craggy, jutting rock formation.

Constructed with recycled cardboard and brown paper (a nod to Sean Martindale’s statue of Ai Weiwei), points of light are embedded in organic, textrual protrusions. They invite you into their orbit, to see what unexpected stories might be hidden inside.

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