Judith van Bastelaar

Eternally optimistically and ready for adventure.


Response by Bri-anne Swan

Artist Statement

There is something about falling in love that is at once universal, yet also an intensely unique experience. In the case of Judith’s story, I was struck by how Joseph’s distinct use of English was not only a source of endearment but also part of this couple being drawn closer together (though, admittedly, not without a few bumps through the journey). “Imperfect” English is often considered a barrier, but there was something both heartwarming and, yes, unique in Joseph’s turns of phrase, voicing a unique expression of love — a love that lasted decades. Minimal and vintage instrumentation hints at the timelessness of a love that is authentic. In Seven Roses, I have attempted to create a song that embodies joy that, while rooted in a proposal story, remains musically aware of how relationships deepen and season over time. If Judith and Joseph’s life together was a musical, this song would merely be the opening number.

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