Averie Arbre

When you share in my joy, it grows tenfold.

Tiny Humans


The Singing Man

Moths – for Moths

The Moon

P.W. Tittleman


Response by Wendy Anderson

Artist Statement

Long before we learned that trees communicate with one another, I believed that they were actively communicating with us. As a child I wandered often and mostly alone in the forest. I still do today. Of course, I am never alone – the beauty, grace and comfort of the trees accompany me always. Their limbs, providing shade, whispering, give me a sense of awe on a cellular level.

The unwavering observance, patience and forbearance of trees inspires me. Throughout the exhaustion and difficulty of the past 2 years, whenever I needed to experience joy, I sought the trees. They saved me.

When asked to respond as an artist to a story of joy, I immediately thought of the trees. I wondered what they might share that brings them joy and I wanted to give that a voice. Therefore I bring you some joyful secrets from an ancient tree. Savour them in order and then share one back.

My thanks to the Kick Start Arts and the Department of Illumination for this brilliant opportunity.

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