Aisha Hassan

A hesitant but persistent adventurer.


Response by Laura Cardeño

Artist Statement

This piece was made with the intention of drawing you into a blissful head space. One similar to that feeling of being in a completely never before seen environment – surrounded by new landscapes and nature which grounds you. As we all know, visiting a new place for the first time is bound to unlock special core memories. I drew inspiration from those moments when we feel at peace especially after feeling anxious about leaving our comfort zone – just like Aisha felt in the midst of her story of joy.

This installation was created to reconnect a part of you that might have been missing or simply waiting for you to discover. The simplicity of nature will always find a way to ground us, making us feel safe.

This piece is intended to create an immersive experience for the viewers. As you watch the layers of fabrics sway in the wind alongside a frequency filled audio composition, an inner nostalgia may awake. Longing about an adventure you might have once had, with loved ones or alone.

Each tear, fold and cut from the different fabrics intertwined with each other have their own characteristics – like nature. I hope the piece can teleport you to a similar scenario like Aisha, hiking a volcano full of beautiful sceneries, overcoming her fears in a new territory and creating a moment of joy that will last forever. Enjoy this subtle portal leading to a harmonious moment between you and nature.