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The Creative Studio is an acting arts lab that supports the development of emerging artists. Our young artists learn to explore, communicate, think critically and collaborate, while developing their own creativity. At the Creative Studio, emerging artists are empowered with the skills and tools they need to tell their own stories. We extend the boundaries of performance in a process driven lab, through discovery and exploration using film and theatre techniques. We are in the business or creating future creators!

The Creative Studio Lab is a Kick Start Arts Project. At Kick Start Arts our mission is to use the arts to empower students, youth and adults to express themselves through the creative process, and in doing so engage diverse communities in thought and collaboration. We utilize a co-creation process between professional artists, and participants, combining their experiences and perspectives with our expertise in the art form. We are a registered not-for-profit organization.

Audition Prep – Directors Available: Thomas Olajide · Sheena Robertson


All ages
Work with a director on audition preparation for theatre, television and film roles.
Fee: $70/session

One hour blocks, booked through email to

Courses – September 2020

Introduction to Acting – Instructor: Edward Daranyi

Recommended Ages: 12-16
Thursdays 4-5:15pm

This beginner level class will introduce participants to the basics of character creation through the use of theatre games and exercises, improvisation, movement and text analysis. This course aims to introduce participants to the principles of theatre and film performance, and industry expectations. You will have fun and will learn how to challenge yourself, in a safe space where taking risks is the key.

A public sharing of work will happen at the end of the course.


Advanced Acting – Instructor: Edward Daranyi

Ages: Adult (17+)
Thursdays 5:15-6:30pm

This advanced acting course is specifically designed to combine collective knowledge about the art of acting, and raise the level of each participant’s competency in the art form. Through the use of rehearsal exercises and practical workshops in voice, movement, character study, and immediacy, each participant will learn the skills that will enable them to create realistic three dimensional characters for the stage and screen. This course will be demanding; as are the demands of the industry, you will not only learn the techniques, but also how to apply them to any piece of text you come across – giving you every opportunity to thrive in this industry.

A public sharing of work will happen at the end of the course.


Collective Collaboration – Instructor: Ciara Adams

Ages: Adult (17+)
Thursdays, 6:30-8pm

Using source material as a starting point, our emerging artists will be mentored through a collaborative creative process. As an ensemble, they will build resilience and community, learning creative techniques, while devising an original performance. This lab style course is an excellent opportunity for young creators to develop their artistic vision, engage with others, communicate their ideas, integrate creative concepts, and learn how to effectively offer, receive and implement constructive feedback.

A public sharing of work will happen at the end of the course.


Course Details


  • Course Fee: $475
  • Registration: $25
  • Production: $100
  • TOTAL: $600 + HST

5% Sibling discount offered


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