The Mysterious Creature – Artifact Kit and Teacher Guide


Everything is a clue, everything is connected!

Carefully crafted, full of mystery, and intrigue! What you have in your hands is a carefully crafted series of 22 artifacts to be used in your literacy, drama, or creative writing programs. The idea here is that each image, video, or document, serves as an inquiry prompt – a series of interconnected clues which can be used to delve deeply into the creation of a story. 

Themes: Climate Change, Space Travel, Secrets

Age Range: Grades 4-12 (But honestly – this is fun and engaging for any age)

What you receive: A digital download of images, video clips, and documents, and an extensive teacher guide that walks you through an inquiry/creative writing/drama creation experience with your students.

Price: $35 (licensed for one teacher – please do not share, all funds go to running our free programming)