Reconcili-ACTION Kit


Created in collaboration and consultation with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Carriers, this Reconcili-ACTION kit was developed as a tool to engage in thought, collaboration and art-making – all in the quest to participate in reconciliation. Team Bios

A set of beautifully crafted large-scale cards with quotes and questions are your starting point, but there is so much more. A 55 page facilitation guide leads you through discussions, art-making, and actions that you can take as you engage in this learning journey. This kit is appropriate for use in schools, community settings, or at home with your family. 

All proceeds from the sale of these kits go directly to running our reconciliation programming.

Price: $65.00 

Delivery online immediately. After payment is processed, click on the link to Download the Zip file. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase that contains a link to the Download. 

  • We recommend printing the cards (double-sided) onto 8 1/2″ x 11″card stock. 
  • They are packaged so it is easy to print double sided so you have the image on one side, and the creative prompts on the other.

Licensed for use of one copy of 16 large cards, plus 55 page guide.