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Photo Pack

Creative Ideas

Photos are a great prompt for students in many ways.

This is a set of 31 unique photos which can be used in numerous ways:

  • Have students select one image from a digital series projected as they enter the room. Ask them to choose the one that connects to them most, in whatever way they make meaning of it. They will use it to introduce themselves. Eg. “I choose the photo of the three kids standing at the top of the hill. I connect to it because I love nature, and there is a sense of freedom in that image that is important to me.”
  • Select one image at a time and use it as a story starter, or to create character. The pack has a variety of images which can be utilized to explore character, setting, or feelings/emotions.

Recommended For: Grade 4-12, College/University

Price/Classroom Use:
Download Digital Zip File with 31 Image

Delivery online immediately. After payment is processed, click on the link to Download the Zip file. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase that contains a link to the Download.

Licensed for one copy of 31 photos. Multiple copies require the purchase of multiple licenses.