Growing Up Regent – The Play


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Teacher Guide

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Growing Up Regent – The Play


Growing up in Regent Park is complicated. Fleurie has been struggling to keep his head above water. His mother is ill, his little sister needs his support, and his friends are really disappointed in the choices he is making as a result. But on one sunny afternoon things take a turn for the worse – and that’s saying a lot. Now everything really starts to unravel. Adapted from the web series, this six-person, one hour play has been developed with emerging artists from Regent Park. They are excited to share it with you.

Whether you teach drama or are a regular classroom teacher engaging your students in inquiry about issues of social justice, our fantastic Teacher Guide is for you. It’s filled with easy to follow, hands-on activities to explore the play.

Preview: To learn more about the project and view the videos click here.
Recommended For: Middle School, High School, and University Students
Characters: Diverse, BIPOC, Male, Female, LGBTQ2, Ages 14-24
Themes: Racism, Policing, Profiling, Friendship, Family Conflict, Choices, Social Justice, Gun Violence, Cross-cultural Dating
Cautions: Minimal Swearing, triggers – police harassment, racism.

Please vette all content prior to using with students. You are the expert on your class.

Price Classroom Use:

Downloadable Digital PDF $9.95 per script.

Please purchase class sets as you would hard copies. All proceeds go to fund our free programming.

Teacher Guide
Downloadable Digital PDF $19.95 per guide.

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Performance Royalties:
$70 per performance.
Licensed for one performance. Multiple performances require the purchase of multiple licenses.