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We are a small group of artists from three grassroots arts organizations: Kick Start Arts, SKETCH and The Department of Illumination. For the last six months we’ve been working together on an exploration of Digital Literacy and Intelligence  funded by the Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund. We are a diverse group in terms of background, art forms and expertise, and work in both rural and urban settings. We’ve been fortunate to engage in this project as it’s given us access to experts in a multitude of fields who have guided us through an examination of best practices in the digital realm. They have helped us think through how to move our work online with integrity and meaning, and with inclusion and access as our focus. This tool kit has been created against a tumultuous backdrop both in terms of the global pandemic as well as the pressing issues of social justice impacting the Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ2 and Asian communities. One of the main issues that became clear to us throughout the process is that access to digital tools, internet and equipment is currently inequitable, leaving behind many people in marginalized communities including, but not limited to, homeless youth, rural communities, the elderly and racialized urban communities. Striving for digital equity should be a national priority.

The outcome of our six months together is this Digital Toolkit. We created it for the arts community: arts organizations, arts educators, and working artists who are looking for best digital practices and resources to support their work online. We hope what we have created is helpful to you. We know it has been helpful to us to engage in this learning. We invite you to dive in.

Thank you!

Mandeq Hassan, Sheena D. Robertson, (Kick Start Arts) Jess Devitt, Michael O’Connell, (Sketch) Krista Dalby, Chrissy Poitras (Department of Illumination)

June 2021

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Expert Collaborators

We are thankful to have worked with many experts in the creation of this Digital Toolkit. Their insight, wisdom, and expertise have been invaluable, and their contributions are the foundation of what you will find in this toolkit.

They are:

  • Amy Gajaria (She/Her) – Child Psychology/Youth Engagement Expert
  • Baker Albach Baker is a writer, actor, and game designer. He has been a Company Member of the Regent Park Project since 2016 as a writer and actor, and has also completed an internship on the set of Kim’s Convenience through the Live It to Learn It program. Baker is currently studying Game Design at Sheridan College, and has worked on multiple projects as a game designer and writer.
    (He/Him) – Game Design Expert
  • Edward Daranyi Edward has had the pleasure of working as an actor and director across this beautiful country for the past 30 years, nineteen of those years spent with the Stratford Festival. As well as work in Canada, this glorious life has taken him to work in Europe, Africa, Latin America and South America. It has allowed him to collaboratively create with some of the most amazing artists on this planet. These rich experiences continually influence Edward as an artist and open his eyes to a more global perspective, which makes him a better artist and human.
    (He/Him) – Online Teaching/Communications Expert
  • John Scully (He/Him) – Educational Online Programs Expert
  • Jonsaba Jabbi Jonsaba Jabbi is a writer, storyteller and communications professional born and raised in Toronto. She writes about Blackness in Canada and second generation identity in diaspora. In addition to being a Communications Specialist at a local community arts non-profit, Jonsaba is also exploring community-engaged work in archives centring the histories and experiences of Black peoples in Canada. She can be reached at
    (She/Her) – Social Media & Communication Expert
  • Kat Burns (She/Her) – Performance Expert
  • Keltie Thomas, (She/Her) – SEO Expert
  • Kristina McMullin Kristina McMullin is a freelance facilitator and presenter working with organization including but not limited to: Museum of Toronto, Musagetees ArtsEverywhere Festival, The British Council of Canada, Flux Factory, Oboro, Canadian Disability Studies Association, and more. Kristina recently joined the Board of Directors at Akin Projects, a Toronto based non-profit arts organization dedicated to engaging, connecting, and educating communities through art. She can be reached at or her website
    (She/Her) – Accessibility Expert
  • Oliver Sutherns Oliver is a designer living in Toronto who brings a unique blend of creativity, logic, and intelligence to the table. His 20+ years experience in web and print design are grounded in the philosophy that there is no design without function, and that in everything there is a little art. Oliver provides one-stop, full-service, expert solutions in web & print design. He can be reached at
    (He/Him) – Web Design Expert
  • Peter Katz
    All Playforms: @peterkatzmusic
    (He/Him) – Online Performance Expert
  • Shequita Thompson-ReidShequita Thompson-Reid has been working at the intersections of community development and equity for over 15 years. Currently, she brings with her expertise within the fields of Program Development, Youth Engagement, Capacity Building, Housing, Violence Prevention, Conflict Mediation and Equity. She can be reached at
    (She/Her) – Equity Expert
  • Siobhan Richardson (She/Her) – Communications/Intimacy Expert

This toolkit was made possible thanks to the Canada Council’s Digital Strategies Fund.