One Park, Eight Stories – Teacher Guide

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Anthology Description:
Whether you teach drama or are a regular classroom teacher engaging your students in inquiry about issues of social justice, this fantastic teacher guide for the monologues One Park, Eight Stories is for you. It’s filled with easy to follow, hands-on activities to explore the play.

Over the course of the pandemic of 2020-21, the company members of One Park, Eight Stories – Monologues met online every Monday night. We shared stories, and worked collaboratively to adapt (and fictionalize) these stories so they could ‘live’ in the universe of our web series. Using a devised theatre process, professional artists worked along-side the young artists, supporting them in the development of these monologues. We then selected eight monologue to film. All except one were shot as two hander-monologues – meaning the actor with the monologue was speaking to another character in the scene